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Security Systems

Although the AMX Landmark system will interface with nearly any brand of security system, I.S.I. has found the Ademco Apex system to be the easiest to work with. Ademco is an AMX P3 partner, which means that a “daughter board” (protocol adaptor) is available from Ademco, which attaches to pins on the main security panel. A jack on this panel accepts a cable, which connects directly to the AMX equipment.

How I.S.I. Utilizes the AMX System to Oversee the Security System

First, as with all other systems in the home, the AMX system oversees the security system. You are able to perform all functions of the security system from an AMX keypad or touchpanel the same as if you were at the security systems keypad. You can also perform these functions while away from your home via telephone with the Landmark system or over the Internet with the NetLinx system. That being said, understand that even though you can control the security system from the AMX system, the security system is still “stand alone.” That is to say that if the AMX system was inoperative for any reason, the security system (and the A/V, HVAC, lighting, and all other systems in your home) would still function normally as they would in a "dumb home" without the AMX system.

Let's talk for a minute about security system sensors.

For the sake of this discussion we will look at sensors as being of the following two types:

1) Safety — Smoke, Fire, CO sensors, etc.

2) Security — Door, Glass Break or Window Open sensors, Motion sensors and Vipers (vibration sensor).

The first category of sensors (Smoke and Fire sensors) is active all of the time, whether the security system is armed or disarmed. If smoke or heat is detected the system will announce through the Ademco keypad speaker and any external speakers attached to the security system: “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE. REMAIN CALM. EXIT IMMEDIATELY!

Intelligent Structures, Inc. takes this a step further and feeds this announcement into the home audio system to all audio zones so that it can be heard anywhere in the house. Also, if the alarm occurs after dark, a path is lighted from all sleeping quarters to the nearest exit and outside lighting is turned on. If door lock control is installed, the system automatically unlocks the house entry doors.

The second category (Security) is active in two modes; “Armed To Home” and “Armed To Away.” You may wish to set the system to Armed To Home when all family members are home for the evening and you are all relaxing, or when you retire you may wish to have a keypad or touchpanel function programmed for “Goodnight” mode which would arm the security system to home, turn off all lights and setback the thermostat to a predetermined temperature. In the “Armed To Home” mode all of the sensors of the “security” type (#2 above) are armed except the motion sensors are not armed so that you can move around the house without setting off the alarm. The smoke and fire sensors, of course, are always armed.

The “Armed To Away” mode is the mode you use when you are the last one to leave the house and want the home to be secure while you are away. This mode utilizes all of the sensors of the “Armed To Home” mode, plus it adds in the motion sensors as well.

The AMX system can add another dimension to your security system. Since it monitors all of the sensors in your security system all of the time — whether the system is armed or disarmed. You can use these sensors as “convenience” sensors when your security system is not armed, to tell you when things happen around your home. For example — My office is upstairs in my home and I spend most of my day there. I have the AMX system announce to the office audio zone “Front or back door open” whenever an outside door opens downstairs, “Garage door cycled” when the garage door is opened or closed, and “Basement motion detected” if something moves in the basement. The AMX system also announces (in all audio zones) if a glass break detector or viper is tripped — even though the security system is disarmed!

I.S.I. is proud to be the area's only AMX Dealer

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