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Our Mission

With the field of automation expanding rapidly as electronic technologies converge, the home or office network can encompass a variety of intelligent systems including: communications, HVAC, lighting, entertainment, security, convenience, and telephone and internet information systems. Traditionally these systems are grouped into various subsystems that normally have operated totally independently of one another. It is now possible to combine the intelligent control of any or all of these subsystems allowing for the control of virtually every aspect of a home from within a single control system. As a systems integrator, I.S.I. can design a custom system to combine these technologies and to adjust this system to work with your lifestyle.

Normal wiring involves the specialized services of several providers including an electrician, telephone installer, security dealer, audio dealer, and cable company or satellite dealer. One advantage of working with an I.S.I. systems integrator is the reduction of the number of service people that you need to deal with. If service is required you have only one company to deal with.

Another major advantage of an integrated home automation system is comfort and ease of use. Why get up from your easy chair to turn off the lights in other rooms or on other floors? Why walk all the way to the other end of the home or office to turn up the heat when you can do it from the nearest keypad or the touch panel on the table in front of you?

Company Profile

Intelligent Structures, Incorporated is a Morgantown, West Virginia (USA) based company dedicated to furthering the art and science of home and commercial automation and public education of the industry and the processes of automation in the residential and commercial environment.

I.S.I. was founded to consult, specify, market, install and maintain any and all equipment and supplies pertaining to automation and control of systems and environments within commercial and residential structures.

I.S.I. is the area's only dealer for AMX® products including the PHAST Landmark system and the newer NetLinx line of products. AMX® products represent the "high end" of automation in that they are designed to be the latest, easiest to use and most reliable of todays technology as compared to other automation equipment on the market. Because this equipment is dependable, once you have built an "AMX® home" you can relax and enjoy the fact that you have invested in the most advanced and easy to use system in the market-place and enjoy the convenience and security that a smart home has to offer.

Allen B. Judy founded I.S.I. in 1997, building on more than 30 years of experience in computers, electronic automation and instrumentation, and has the knowledge and understanding necessary to make sure that all systems in your home can talk to and interact with each other to ensure that all systems (indoor and outdoor lighting, audio/video, telephone, heating and cooling, entry/egress, security, etc.) work seamlessly under the control of the AMX® equipment.

I.S.I. is proud to be the area's only AMX Dealer

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