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AMX Residential Systems Lighting Products

MLC / MLCD Multi-Load Controller

MLC / MLCD Multi-Load Controller

(NOTE: The MLC/MLCD and 3Way switches have been discontinued by AMX but are still listed here for completeness and because replacement devices are still available).

The MLC is a solid state, microprocessor-controlled dimmer that can control various load types.

When the network is not applied, the MLC will function in default mode. The factory-set default mode provides ON/OFF switch functions, but the default mode can be changed in software to provide dimmer functions as well. In the dimmer default mode, pressing and releasing the button makes the MLC automatically ramp to its full On or Off state. If the button is pushed and released again before the final state has been reached, the MLC will halt at that point in the load curve. When the button is pressed and held, the MLC will begin to ramp slowly to its full on or off state. When released, it will halt at that point in the load curve. By default, the button's LED is off when the load is off, and is on when the load is on.

The MLCD is functionally the same as the MLC, but in Decora styling to match any other Decora devices in a home.

When the MLC is connected to the AMX Residential systems network, the following features are available for programming:

3WAY / D3WAY - Smart Light Switch

AMX RESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS SMART SWITCHES are an ideal solution for whole-house lighting and automation. They install and operate as easily as standard wall-mount switches and can function as standard switches when not connected to a Landmark system. When Smart Switches are connected to the Landmark system over a AMX Residential Systems network, they can do much more, such as controlling multiple lighting zones, other switches, ceiling fans, etc. SmartDimmers can even control other makes of switches through Landmark system integration. You can also trigger other system-wide events and presets. The button can be custom engraved.

The 3WAY is a solid-state three-way remote switch. Up to six 3WAY switches can be connected as slave units to a AMX Smart Switch or Dimmer, including the MLC. The three-way button and LED perform exactly the same function as the button and LED on the connected MLC.

The D3WAY is functionally the same as the 3WAY, but in Decora styling to match any other Decora devices in a home.

The 3WAY switch controls the connected MLC even when the AMX Residential Systems network is disconnected or inactive. However, the 3WAY cannot be programmed to do anything independently from the connected MLC. If scene control or other independent features are desired, a SB1 (One-Button Keypad) or SB2 (Two-Button Keypad) should be used instead of a 3WAY switch.

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