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AMX Wireless Touch Panels

AMX ViewPoint VPT-CP

AMX ViewPoint VPT-CPThe AMX ViewPoint wireless touch panels represent an elegant integration of graphical control, wireless convenience, timeless styling and practicality. Compact and lightweight, AMX ViewPoint panels are ideal for both desktop or hand-held control. Experience the brilliant, colorful icons of the color ViewPoint, or choose the grayscale ViewPoint for an economical touch of control. AMX ViewPoint. Simplified, wireless, graphic theater and home control — any way you want it. Anywhere you like.

The VPT-CP color ViewPoint wireless touch panel:

Power-Tilt Touch Panels

Power-Tilt Touch PanelsThe PowerTilt touch panel is the new benchmark for full-size color graphics and performance. Featuring a brilliant 10.4 inch color active-matrix LCD screen and 5 Mb (4 Mb flash) standard memory, PowerTilt panels incorporate our new 3.0 AMX graphics features. Pop-up subpanels can be created and fully automated with TPDesign 3.0 Windows* software. Revolutionary all-in-one button design can combine a bitmap image, symbols and multiple text fonts (one per line) in one unified, east-to-copy button.

Enjoy the full power of AMX graphics and plug in WAVE 2-way wireless control with the Color Active PowerTilt. The Color Video PowerTilt adds an adjustable-size display window for NTSC/PAL video. Including both a video window and a graphics window for up to 1024 x 768 VGA, SVGA and VESA computer images.

An elegant combination of form and function, PowerTilt LCD screens can be tilted for the best viewing angle. All models are also available in PowerTouch enclosures designed for surface, wall, lectern and rack-mount applications

PowerTilt. Unparalleled graphic power, performance beyond precedent, and all at a cost far less than you would expect. FEATURES:

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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